Becoming a Virtual Assistant is Becoming Easier Than Ever

If you’re good with detail or been running your house like a boss, getting started as a VA could be easier. This is great for Single Moms, New Moms, Seasoned Moms, Married Moms, and FRUSTRATED Moms who want to finally find their true freedom and have more flexibility in their life!

Is being a Virtual Assistant right for you?

Why do you want to learn how to get started as a Virtual Assistant you might ask?

Because you’re tired of:

Juggling a work schedule and the needs of your family

Not being able to choose the hours you work

Not having freedom and flexibility in your work and life

THE PROBLEM IS… you just don’t know where to start. BUT you don’t have to learn EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING right away. You just may need a bird’s eye view and level of understanding about some things so you know how it all flows together!

Do you know what I was doing 8 years ago before I started my business? NOTHING. Before that I had worked a variety of jobs: food service management, call centers, corrections.

I had been diagnosed with Degenerative Disc and it got to the point where it was too painful to work most ‘regular’ jobs. I couldn’t sit or stand for long periods without pain.

My daughter (who was 20 at the time and a single mom of 2) was supporting me. Well that just did not sit well with me so I started looking online for ways I could make money from home.

I found an online program teaching Affiliate Marketing, SEO and website building. Did it help? It was a good start. I learned that I love building websites, that I find SEO tedious and boring and I learned that if I was going to make money online that it would NOT be through Affiliate Marketing! surprised

I got my first client through a friend in the program. I started learning all the software she was using and discovered a new passion. I love business tech. The more I learned, the more I wanted to learn. 

Before long I had a second client and a website build project. It was what felt like a lifetime before I started earning enough to support myself. I made so many mistakes that slowed it even more. 

There are a lot of things I wish I had known back then. I wish I had known someone then who could impart those pearls of wisdom on me. That is what I want to share with you.

I want to share how you can get started easily and with no cost, as long as you already have a computer and internet connection. 

Do YOU need to know how to build websites to be a virtual assistant? Absolutely NOT. There are so many ways and types of work and tasks you can do as a VA. I am going to teach you ALL about them in this training.

What will you learn?

Various types of services you can offer

Where to find clients

What to charge

How to charge (get the money money-mouth in your bank!)

How to be organized (in your biz and your income tracking)

FREE resources available to you

And so much more!

Join this small group training now and get started as a Virtual Assistant!

May 19 @ 1 PM Eastern

Just £150!

I am very grateful to have ‘That Helpful Chick’ in my learning journey.

“I have been mentored and taken under the wing of Angela from That Helpful Chick for 3 months now and I have learnt so much already! She has such a wonderful nature and is so patient. She is extremely efficient, organised and really knowledgeable. She really is the Queen Bee in all things techy! I can tell that she really wants me to do well! I am very grateful to have ‘That Helpful Chick’ in my learning journey.”
Carrie Parkin, Virtual Assistant at

NOT knowing the HOW of everything you need to do is a very common problem with new VAs.

You learn a lot about WHAT you need to do, but not a lot of HOW to get it done and then you try to IMPLEMENT and you fall short, procrastinate or just hardly do anything well at all because you aren’t sure of:

What to do first, second third (you don’t have a plan).

What technology or systems to use.

Who to follow/trust to get the right information (right?! that’s why you’re here! yell)

You don’t know what you don’t know, right?

May 19 @ 1 PM Eastern

Just £150!

Angela is trustworthy and reliable

“I’ve worked as a Virtual Assistant for 2 years, during which time I got to know Angela very well. She is an incredibly warm and patient person with both her clients and her colleagues. She possesses so much knowledge and has an unmatched talent for teaching others. Angela is trustworthy and reliable, and I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a little extra support!”

Abrielle Ackerman, Virtual Assistant

Getting Started as a Virtual Assistant

This Call will be on Angela’s Zoom Video Meeting and will be LIVE

Attendees will receive worksheets, cheatsheets, checklists, step-by-step training and more!

I will make this easy for you. I will show you HOW. I will even share HOW to use Zoom on the next page once you register so you don’t have to worry about figuring that all out too. Don’t be embarrassed, you’ll be with others “who get you” and who are a lot like you remember.)

I do these types of training/tutorial type calls with a lot of my clients but this way I can reach anyone anywhere. Let me help you!

Trust me, YOU CAN LEARN THIS STUFF… but just what you NEED to know. It’s faster than taking a whole course on just one thing like monetizing social media for example. I’ll share JUST WHAT WILL HELP YOU GET CLIENTS or get started now, and NOT what you don’t need to know. Some other classes and training share too much, then you’re overwhelmed.

Angela is a dream to work with!

“Angela is a dream to work with! Not only is she an expert in all things tech, she takes the time to understand what you need, and then offers the best solution. She is a great teacher – patient and kind – all while making it easy and fun! Angela is my first call when I have a tech question…she really is “That Helpful Chick!””
Lisa Tenerowicz, Virtual Assistant

What Specifically Will You Walk Away With or Learn?

Well… BESIDES learning how to get more flexibility and freedom in your life by learning how to get started as a VA?

Income/Expense Tracker – what I used before I was able to afford QuickBooks for keeping track of my accounting and numbers. Complete with formulas and a guide on how to use it!

Zoom Tutorial – how to use this free tool to help you be more organized.

Data and Computer Organization – includes how to manage your time using online calendars, spreadsheets and folders or inboxes all to help maximize your time.

5 Bigest Mistakes to Avoid – my eBook sharing mistakes you should avoid when starting out as a Virtual Assistant.

List of VA Tasks – an exstensive list of the types of tasks people hire out to VAs!

Where to get clients – we’ll talk about the various ways you can find your clients.

VA Specializing – how you can charge more money when you become a specialist in some areas.

Tools/Software – a list of all the FREE tools available to you to help you be more organized, save money and just get started (and tutorials on how to use those tools!).

SMART Goals – how to set SMART goals to keep you on track to reach your goals.

Bonuses – a few surprise bonuses I am working on that will be announced before we start.

I highly recommend her training

“I have worked as a Virtual Assistant for 1.5 years and feel blessed to have a mentor in this business like Angela. She is kind, extremely knowledgeable and incredibly patient. She has guided me to be a better VA than I could ever be on my own. I highly recommend her training and specialized services! She is a consummate professional in everything she does and can make you better at what you do in just one conversation.”
Christin Zamora, Virtual Assistant

Join this small group training now and get started as a Virtual Assistant!

May 19 @ 1 PM Eastern

Just £150!

Meet Your Host, Angela

Angela Hall is a web designer, funnel hacker, and all around tech geek based in the SW corner of Virginia. Her company, That Helpful Chick, specializes in removing tech headaches for their clients. Her team has a combined experience of over 30 years working in online technology, computers and websites. Angela specializes in finding the right tools for you, your biz and your budget.